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    I am legally blind and I just started using the accessibility feature VoiceOver on my iPhone 6s. My problem is while I was trying to get acquainted with it, the screen went totally black, and now I can't even get it back even when I want to turn my phone off, it will just voice to me "Turning Phone Off" when I hit the on/off button to turn it on or off. Now I'm thinking I shouldn't have turned on the VoiceOver in the first place!!!

    08-27-2016 03:37 PM
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    Use the instructions posted in the screenshot to manipulate the voice over feature.

    • Tap once to select an item
    • Double-tap to activate the selected item
    • Swipe with three fingers to scroll

    I am having trouble using the Voice Over feature on my iPhone 6s, how do I fix it?-img_0216.jpg
    08-28-2016 01:57 PM

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