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    Last week my iPhone 5s began to start dying with battery left. At first i thought it was a problem with apps, storage etc. I cleaned out my phone and turned off all unnecessary services. I also updated the software and did a DFU reset.

    However, I am still having the problem. My phone will be at 60% or whatever, and then die. And then ill plug it into a charger, and it will turn on and be at 60%.

    Does anybody have any advice?

    Thanks, Ally
    08-13-2016 04:32 AM
  2. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore, Ally! It's very possible your aging battery has reached the end of its useful life. Apple's iPhone batteries are designed to retain 80% of their original capacity for 500 full charge cycles. After that you're on borrowed time.
    You might want to try this trick, but it's a long shot:
    1. Let your battery drain to the point where the phone shuts off.
    2. Plug your phone in and allow it to charge all the way back to 100% without interruption. Don't use it during this time.
    3. Let your phone battery drain until it dies again. You can use your phone during this time.
    Any better? If not, I'm 99% sure it's the battery itself. I recommend taking your phone into an Apple Store or a reputable repair shop and having it replaced.
    08-13-2016 05:29 AM

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