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    This question would make a good page 1 post. I have several friends that want to do this but are also afraid to.

    Here is the scenario:
    A family shares the same Apple ID. We want to separate things so that we can each have our own Apple music "For You", "Radio" etc. That means getting additional Apple IDs and setting up family sharing. I already purchased the "Family" Apple music ($5 wasted every month so far).

    Each person in the family has curated their own list of songs and apps on their phone. I MUST NOT mess that up. I certainly don't trust Apple with this yet!

    I'm familiar with Apple support HT201088 but it doesn't explain this scenario and why I won't lose things when I do this.

    Let's take my teenager's phone. We go get a new Apple ID. OK, how do I change the phone to have the new ID? Why wouldn't all of the songs and apps just go away when I switch to that ID?

    Somewhere in there I need to A. put a new ID on the phone, and B. send an invitation to that phone to join the group. In between A. and B. I expect everything to be lost!

    Please explain how I start with one Apple ID, and move to multiple Apple IDs + family sharing without losing anything.
    08-12-2016 12:28 AM
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    Go to settings > iCloud & sign out of the old Apple ID, then select create to make a new one. Once the new ID is make, the owner of Family Share should send an invite so apps, music, movies, etc. can be shared on the device. The music in Apple Music will not erase because it's the device it's saved to not Apple ID. My boyfriend is using an extra device I had & even though he signed in with his Apple ID, all of my stuff was still there. It only disappeared when he decided to delete it. Hope this helps
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    08-13-2016 10:58 PM

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