1. iMore Question's Avatar
    I am purchasing an Ipad Air 2 16Gb from Walmart and am thinking of purchasing their 3-yr Protection plan for Tablets. Anyone have experience with Walmart protection plans?
    08-11-2016 09:17 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    How does it compare costwise to Apple Care? Because I KNOW Apple Care is good! Doing some research it appears Walmart's coverage is provided by Asurion which is a well known phone/electronic device protection insurance company. I have had good dealings with them in the past, BUT in more recent years have heard that they have greatly increased the cost of their deductibles. That is the cost to make a claim. When I was a Verizon customer for example, and had to have phone replaced by Asurion the deductible was around 50, BUT I have heard that more recently it's 100-200. I have no idea what the terms of the Walmart plan are. I DO know that Apple Care terms are excellent, deductibles are low are/or free, and coverage is THE best in the business!
    08-11-2016 09:29 AM

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