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    So I noticed that my iCloud storage was filling up so I decided to make more space there. I saw that the photos there were the same photos that I thought were stored on my Macbook. When I go to the Photos folder in my username and show the package contents of the photo library it showed me all the same photos as what iCloud had. Now my question is, aren't those stored on my harddrive? If I delete the photos off of iCloud, why have they now disappeared from the iPhoto app and from the folder where I thought they were stored on my harddrive?

    I tried Syncios Data Recovery, but it didn't have a iCloud backup only a iTunes backup, which had most of my photos on it except the ones that were imported to iPhoto from my Cannon not my iPhone. It looks like when those got imported, they were stored in iCloud (without me knowing) and when I deleted the photos to make space, those few photos from the Cannon also got deleted? Those are the only photos I haven't been able to retrieve.

    I'm not sure if it's just me, but iCloud isn't really that intuitive. Also, I realized there may have been a semantic misunderstanding on my end. I think I was thinking that if you delete a file from iCloud it will delete it from the backup and that's it not from my MacBook? And the weird thing is that after deleting all those photos from iCloud, it didn't delete them on my phone, just on my MacBook (which was a good thing bc i was able to get many of them back as they were no longer on my comp and that's where i like to see all my photos.) Anyways, I'd greatly appreciate any help in this. Thanks.
    08-10-2016 08:32 PM

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