1. rg1398's Avatar
    I'm having a problem with receiving iMessages on my 6s. I sometimes get them and sometimes don't. I've tried everything--turning iMessage/FaceTime off and on again, resetting my network settings and phone, even erasing all content and settings--nothing has worked.
    I'm beginning to wonder whether this problem is linked to another ongoing issue with my iPhone. I have frequently been getting the "No SIM Card Installed" notification. I tried taking my SIM card out and putting it back in yesterday, but that hasn't fixed the iMessage problem. Should I get a new SIM card, or is the iMessage issue related to something else?
    07-18-2016 03:15 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Yes, the problem could lie with your service provider. I recommend you have them switch out the SIM card, especially if you're not receiving the "iMessages" while using cellular data.
    07-18-2016 07:31 PM

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