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    My Macbook Pro went on a kernel panic after failing to install OS X El Capitan. When I try to restore it, the login screen requires a firmware password which I have no memory of setting. Now my device is useless. I know the solution is to go to an Apple Store and have them do their magic. But I live in the Philippines, and the authorized Apple store is clueless on what to do.
    07-06-2016 10:39 PM
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    Welcome to iMore!

    This requires booting into Recovery Mode:
    1. Reboot your Mac and hold down Command+R to enter recovery mode
    2. At the Utilities screen, go to the Utilities menu bar item and choose “Firmware Password Utility”
    3. Select to turn the Firmware Password OFF

    If that does not work you can try this:

    1. Add or remove a stick of RAM. If you have one stick in, add one and if you have two in remove one.
    2. Power on the Mac and immediately press and hold command-option-P-R.
    3. The system will restart with the ‘bong' noise; allow it to do this 3 times. After the third one you can let go of the keys.
    4. Your machine will boot with a cleared password and reset PRAM/NVRAM.
    5. You can then shut down the machine and reconfigure the RAM as you want it.

    If either of these fail I suggest calling Apple and seeing if you can send it in to have them clear it for you as you do not have a store or reseller capable of doing it for you.
    07-06-2016 11:14 PM

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