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    I use the ipad mini and I live in Australia.
    Since approximately 24 hours ago, I have not been able to connect to multiplayer services on apps. I have had these issues with games such as Dungeon Keeper and Survivor Squad. But I do not have this issue on another app called DragonCity, which all require internet connections to play.
    I have searched forums and have tried to reboot my device and delete/reinstall the apps. I have the latest ios version and it have only stopped working recently.
    Are these issues with these 2 apps, which both would have conveniently stoped working at the same time. Or is there a way I can fix this?
    06-30-2016 06:22 AM
  2. mumfoau's Avatar
    My very first thought would be that there is an issue on the game-side servers causing your connection issues and there is nothing that can be done on your end to remedy the issue at this time. Maybe someone more familiar with these 2 games will chime in to confirm or offer a possible fix.

    Also, consider joining the forums if you haven't already and subscribe to this thread for notifications on responses to your inquiry.
    06-30-2016 06:36 AM

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