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    Okae so I have and iPhone 6 Plus and I'm in a long distance relationship and it might be childish but it works for us me and my fianc go to sleep together on the phone now the real frustrating thing is one day I can be on the phone with her for 8 to 10 hours conversing and have no issue but when we get on the phone and fall asleep after 2 to 3 hours my phone hangs up ( now before I get any smart comments I separate my phone and where I sleep with a body pillow so it's no way I'm
    Rolling on my phone to hang up the call) some days while we are on the phone the phone will hang up and automatically start calling her phone again on its own and then she's asking me why I hung up when the phone was never in my hand to begin with she would be on speaker and the phone would be on the bed and I'm In My bathroom to me I think my phone is just defective I tried all network resets factory rested troubleshooting and nothing seems to work ( she is also on my Verizon account and has an android Galaxy s5) sombody please HELP !
    04-28-2016 01:26 AM
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    1. Is it possible that Verizon could have something in place that automatically hangs up the phone due to inactivity?
    2. Is it possible that the other person is hanging up the phone?
    3. Could someone else in the household hang up the phone after discovering your sleep status or that of the other person?
    04-28-2016 03:25 AM

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