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    I'm thinking Google play service is being controlled by malware maybe? Every time I try to factory reset I tell it not to save or restore anything but after the factor reset is done, it restores certain things and says Google play service is working as administrator. I've disabled and forced stop it and deleted all data on the G.play service app, close out then go right back to the app and it's still running, pull it back up says it's still disabled & forced stopped but all the data & cache data is back on it. Is there anyway to put pics on here so you can see? I took screen shots of each step I done and when I reopened again
    04-22-2016 07:48 PM
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    Try posting your question on forums.androidcentral.com instead. That site is dedicated to Android, while this one is for Apple products (which Samsung is not).

    Google Play Services is an app that hooks in to just about every app and service on Android - it enables a huge amount of features that are otherwise inaccessible within Android. It will automatically restart (because it is a fundamental service) and it should always be running. I can't think of a reason that you'd want to make it stop running unless it's just because you're not sure what it is.

    You should avoid disabling, force-stopping, etc. at all costs unless you're going to run a custom version of Android without any Google apps, including the Play Store, etc. - such as the way the Kindle Fire works.
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    04-22-2016 08:14 PM

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