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    Every now and again, I get lag when typing or moving the cursor when using the Magic Trackpad 2, Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard (the new rechargeable ones).

    I write a lot of code, so it's very evident and disruptive when the problem occurs.

    I have tried an NVRAM reset (via Apple support) and also have tried creating a brand new user account to see if this fixes the problem.

    The problem is intermittent, but when it happens I see the following happen:
    - pause or lag in letters appearing on the screen as I type
    - sometimes the 'insert character' popup will appear (as if I have pressed and held down a key such as 'e' to insert an 'ť')
    - the letters usually appear in a rush on screen, and often with repeated letters or spaces
    - finally I get the 'keyboard disconnected' then 'accessory reconnected' visual queues at the bottom of the screen.

    Sometimes the issue clears up, other times it persists and the above can happen again and again.

    I am using a 27-inch retina iMac (2015).

    Apple said that it may be that I am using too many bluetooth accessories at once as I have the mouse, trackpad and keyboard connected.

    Apple also said that I should try disabling wifi to see if that helps which I will try (when I can find an ethernet cable).

    I should also point out that this problem was happening on the original Magic Mouse and original Apple wireless keyboard that came with the iMac when I purchased it last year from the UK refurb store. I had thought that the issue was down to the old accessories but now I'm concerned that it's the bluetooth chip in the iMac itself that's to blame.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
    03-12-2016 01:19 PM

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