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    Hi there,
    I just downloaded a new song and iTunes 12 does not group it correctly. I always use the same procedure when I download a new song: get info ----> details ----> and then I type the name of the artist, the album and all the other features I want to add. So far it just works as before in iTunes 11, meaning that for example when I type the first two or three letters in the artist gap, the name of the artist pops out right away, because i already have other songs by the same artist in my library. This makes me think that I used the exact same spelling since it’s the mac that suggests me the result, but then when I click “ok” iTunes create a new artist, even though this should not happen since that same artist is already in my library. In few words, for example, if I have three song by Adele and I download a new one now in iTunes 12, I end up having two Adele (artist), the first “Adele” with the previous three songs and the second “Adele” with the new song.
    Hope I explained myself guys and anyway thank you in advance!
    02-26-2016 02:56 PM

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