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    I want to import my iphone 4s voice recordings into garage band
    02-13-2016 09:58 AM
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    Welcome to iMore.

    How to sync voice memos with iTunes

    Connect your iPhone to iTunes. In the steps listed below, it will show you how to import voice memos into iTunes. The process is exactly the same whether you own a Windows PC or a Mac.

    Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer.

    Step 2: Open iTunes on your computer and select your device in the top header (the icon that looks like an iPhone).

    Step 3: Select “Music” from the tab options in the sidebar.

    How do I Import an iphone Voice Memo to Garage Band-transfer-voice-memos-computer.jpg

    Step 4: Select “Sync Music” and then select “Include voice memos.” This setting will extract your voice memos and load them into iTunes.

    Step 5: Click “Apply in the bottom right corner of iTunes. iTunes will then sync with your iPhone and download your voice memos to your computer.

    From iTunes you will then be able to import them into Garageband.
    02-13-2016 08:19 PM
  3. markustoyshop's Avatar
    There seem to be a lot of steps missing.
    09-06-2016 02:19 AM

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