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    Hi guys,
    I've been looking for hours on forums for a solution to my problem and some people had similar issues but not exactly the same...and all the things I've tried didn't work.
    So, in my iTunes on the Mac, all good, all my songs are there and everything's great. Yet when I sync my music to my iPhone (now 6S but even with my old 5S it happened the same thing), just some of the songs don't sync. 3 are purchased from the iTunes store, the other few are from a CD imported in iTunes. Now, for the purchased ones, even if I go on the "purchased>not on my phone" section, they appear with the cloud on the side for download, but the cloud is faded and doesn't let me press it to download.

    What can I do? I was thinking at first it was my 5S that just got crazy, but it wasn't, and this same thing now happens on the 6S...

    Thanks in advance for any helpful reply!

    01-29-2016 12:53 PM

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