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    I recently purchased the Apple Smart Battery Case for my iPhone 6. So far I love it! But I have a question regarding good battery hygiene..

    Every iPhone I've ever had has powered right on if I attempt to plug it in while it's off leading me to believe that Apple WANTS the phone to be powered on while charging (is that true, or just an unfair conclusion I've come to after years of owning iOS devices..?)

    My REAL question is: is it going to hurt/damage my phone/battery if I have it seated in the smart battery case (while the case itself is charged) and turn it off for the evening while I sleep? (if you don't already know, the smart battery case is always providing power to the phone as long as the case itself has power) Are there measures being taken actively while the phone is powered on to prevent things like overcharging, or overheating that may not be happening while the phone is off?

    My gut tells me that it's okay; it's just that I've never really attempted to charge my phone of leave it off while plugged in to find out.

    Thank you in advance for any time or consideration is put into my question.

    01-26-2016 05:50 AM
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    It should be fine. If you have any concerns consult Apple. I'm able to turn my phone off once the power is plugged in, but it turns back on if I plug it in after I have turned the phone off.

    There should not be a problem.
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    01-26-2016 06:21 AM

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