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    When I want to connect My under armor app to Apple Watch and Healt I switch the button to green then press connect and then that green butting switches back. When I go into Healt and he apps and data there and you give permission to lyk categories to be shared I then go out. When I go back in immediately it does the same. The myfitnesspal always shred the watch data but for some reason now uses the phone to share it. So if I click on watch it asks me do I want all categories on or just steps or just worn outi click all categories and say allow but it jumps back to the green buttons being off. Then I say go into the health app by apps and devices myfitnesspal is there but I also can't get the permissions on. What is interesting is that under armor record be map my fitness which I did download does not appear I the apps and devices like myfitnesspal
    01-11-2016 01:56 PM

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