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    My iPhone 6s plus is jailbroken on pangu for 9.0.1, and when I look under cellular data in my settings it shows that I have used about 30kb of data roaming, even when I have the setting turned to no data roaming. I did not experience this problem before I jailbroke my phone. I know this isn't a lot, but it is concerning because I go out of the country for vacation in a few months and I don't know the source of the data roaming and data roaming charges are insane. All the tweaks I have are: AdBlocker, Barrel, Battivator, BlurryBadges, CrashReporter, EasySpring, f.lux, Phantom for Snapchat, Springtomize 3, StatusVol3, VirtualHome, WatchNotifications, YouTubed, Zeppelin, iCleaner, Anemone, Instagram ++, WatchNotifications, and WiFi Booster. Any help is much appreciated.
    12-25-2015 10:02 PM

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