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    So basically it seems as though the pictures and videos that I've made and that should be in iCloud library, I cannot export/download/etc. It seems even more fishy because it happened right after one day a message poped up from my iCloud saying "The storage is almost full" (there's still 1GB left).

    As I've tried to find ways to get pictures out of my phone in all possible ways, including by google photos, but when I try to either upload the old photos or move them to create a new folder, they simply get stuck either on "uploading" or "preparing".

    There literally is nothing I can do.

    After I did the latest iOS update I couldn't manage to sign into iCloud, because it got stuck. So I skipped it. Now when I try to log into the iCloud or even go to iCloud under Settings it kicks me out after 3 seconds.

    FURTHERmore I cannot access the photos from iCloud web, because it says: " photos unexpectedly crashed". Everything else I can access. It's as though my photos don't even exist out of my phone, iCloud sure as heck doesn't stand for it anyway. And Google Photos can't help me out because they freeze when I try transfering.

    Obviously I tried other 3rd party solutions, like dropbox, email, etc. Same result: they freeze.

    What the plum?!

    It seems that when I make new photos, I can get them to my PC easily, whether via the cable and import files or through google photos. However, again, if I open the iPhone manually to see the content, I only the latest pics that I've made, but not the older ones.

    What is this curse?

    Would it change anything if I bought more space on iCloud? How can I get that content!?
    11-07-2015 06:12 PM

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