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    My emails on my new IPHone 6 were not downloading. I was advised to take the account off and then add it again. After that Notes disappeared. I did find them in the Notes Folder in my email box, didn't know how to move it back, left it there and few days later the file disappeared from theare too. It makes no sense! I turned the phone off and on - no Notes anywhere. I did not back it up. What is happening? How do I get my notes back?
    10-24-2015 06:36 AM
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    Go to Settings→ Mail, Contacts, Calendars and then select the Mail account that the notes are associated with. If it has a Notes section, enable the toggle next to it. That will cause your notes to sync to your device unless somehow you deleted them. See the screenshot below.

    Notes disappeared from the NOTES folder too!-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1445688190.907712.jpg
    10-24-2015 08:03 AM

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