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    I preordered this case from an advertisement on iMore web-page. The estimated start shipment when I ordered it was in the Fall of 2015 (has been pushed back a couple of times).
    It seems, based on questions asked on Amp Audio FaceBook, we our unable to get creditable answers on the status of this case.
    Is there any way iMore could get reliable data on the status and to confirm that this is a legitimate case and not a scam?

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    10-19-2015 12:44 PM
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    I'm not sure. Since iMore is not the case manufacturer, it's likely they'd get the same answers you've received. Hopefully, however, a more detailed explanation is forthcoming soon.
    10-19-2015 09:51 PM
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    This is the response I got today about letting a 3rd party do a current analysis on this product: "Totally understandable Jerry. We plan to release beta units to reviewers and you can check those out before buying.

    "We did very early preview demos but the product has changed since then (more speakers, better mics). If you'd like to read them, here are some". AMP has responded on their FaceBook account that they will be contacting pre-purchasers within the next 2 weeks to get shipping info to ship out FINISHED UNITS. And, now they say they will be letting Reviewers test BETA UNITS??? Can you see why there is so much concern about this product not being legit? I pre-purchased this item because it was advertised on iMore website and I have respect for iMore Webpage.
    10-21-2015 05:20 PM
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    This was my reply to AMP Audio on their FaceBook page: I don't know how to respond to your answer on letting a 3rd party do a current review. AMP RESPONSE-"We plan to release beta units to reviewers and you can check those out before buying". Do you really believe letting reviewers do analysis on a BETA UNIT at this supposed final stage of production is an answer??? You have responded to purchasers that you will be requesting shipping info in the next 2 weeks so you can ship FINISHED UNITS??? I sure wish a group like iMore would check into the status of your device (is it legit? Not a scam that has gone on over 16 months? I know everyone that pre-purchased this item like i did is completely frustrated on the nebulous responses you give to us. As they say "hope springs eternal".
    10-21-2015 05:29 PM
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    iMore needs to get someone to check on this. Latest garbage from AMP Audio:


    Alex here from SoundFocus. I want to thank you again for pre-ordering AMP. The SoundFocus team is tremendously excited that so many people share our vision and have joined us on our mission to help the world hear better.

    Let me start by addressing when your AMP will ship. The initial factory setup and the necessary product refinement to pass industry certifications took longer than originally planned. We are wrapping up the iPhone 6/6s case first and then we will complete full certifications for the iPhone 6/6s Plus version of AMP. As a result, we will now be shipping AMP for iPhone 6/6s Plus in Summer of 2016. I know this new shipping schedule is later than we both want and I am the first to say that I wish that we could deliver AMP sooner. The good news is that we have a clear path to mass production.

    This past month we reached two major milestones - we completed the EVT build of AMP for iPhone 6/6s case and passed the MFi (Made for iPhone) and FCC pre-scans for industry certification. This allows us to move forward from engineering development and verification to industry certification (MFi, FCC, UL) and ramping for mass production of the AMP for iPhone 6/6s case in Spring. The AMP for iPhone 6/6s Plus will be going through certification at that time. After the PVT (Production Verification Test) build for the AMP for iPhone 6/6s Plus in May, we will be following up with your specific ship date.

    Outlined below are the milestones between now and receiving your AMP:

    * Chinese New Year will cause a month long interruption at the factory as this holiday is a peak period for labor turnover.

    Our team is doing everything it can to get AMP into your hands as soon as possible. That said, if the wait is too long, we will honor your refund request. Also, you dont need to worry if you're not sure which iPhone model you're going to have by the time AMP ships. You can make changes to your AMP model up until the time we collect your shipping address. Below are your order details:

    Confirmation No.: CON021462605FC211E58C95E1C88029B0
    Model: iPhone 6/6s Plus
    Color: black

    We will continue to provide monthly updates so youll know where we are in our progress towards shipping. Here is our October update and if you want to read our past updates, head over to our blog - www.ampaudio.com/blog. In the October update we include the unboxing video below:

    Video Link: https://forums.imore.com/e?link=http...token=OHcxLTzY

    The entire SoundFocus team and I truly value you and your support. We would not have been able to get this far without you. Our team is here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach out to us at support@ampaudio.com.

    My sincere thanks,

    Alex Selig
    CEO, SoundFocus

    2015 SoundFocus
    San Francisco, CA

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    10-31-2015 09:29 AM
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    Note- I deleted some of my confirmation No. Will supply if you need it.
    10-31-2015 09:33 AM
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    Paul Harvey "The rest of the story"--- I cannot understand why people who wrote positive reviews many months ago about this product will not do a follow-up story to determine if this whole thing is a fraud. I finally had it after their announcement that now first delivery dates will be in the Summer of 2016. I cancelled my order (see Below) and to my surprise I received a credit for $105.00 today.I HOPE THIS SHOWS YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY BACK if you are fed up with the game they are playing. Nov 3, 13:27

    My Confirmation number for my order is CON021462605FC211E58C95E1C88029B0FA
    I am a 76 year old and I am fed up with your silly promise dates for the AMP Audio. Please credit the credit card I used for the pre-order.
    Please acknowledge my cancellation with a Return Email to me.
    11-10-2015 09:26 AM
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    If anyone still knows/cares about this thread, as of May 2016 the company has folded after a 'critical investment fell through'. This would imply that pre-orders will not be honored and, by the sounds of it, no refunds will be issued.
    05-14-2016 01:28 PM

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