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    Hello! I am buying my first personal mac computer. I have an iphone 5 and I have a 64gb ipad air 2 as well. I am familiar with using mac during college. I currently have a PC laptop which is a HP Envy running Windows 8.1 with 6GB of ram and an AMD A10-5745M processor. Despite having a good amount of ram and a decent processor, I am unhappy with how sluggish it is. I don't do much intensive tasks on my laptop. I primarily will use my laptop for surfacing the web, watching videos, listening to music, word processing, creating presentations, and having multiple apps to multi-task with. I don't really use photoshop or video editing very often. If I do it is very amateur type stuff and infrequent. I will need to have boot camp or parallel to occasionally run a program off of windows that I need to have on my computer in case of emergencies for my job (it is not at all compatible with mac). I need a mac that has a better processor than my current pc, that is powerful enough where its speed won't be outdated in a few years, and yet won't be so over powered for what I need it for. As for a mac I know I definitely want a MacBook Pro with Retina display with a 512Gb SSD but I'm not sure how much ram (8Gb or 16Gb) or which processor is well suited for my needs (whether it be an i5, i7 dual-cord, or i7 quad-core). The thing is I really prefer the smaller size and portability of the 13". I am just torn about how much ram and which processor. I don't want to over spend, but speed is important for me at the same time as well. If anyone has an suggestions for me please me know. I feel like I need to meet somewhere in the middle for this decision. I do feel like if for example I chose the very top of the line macbook pro 15" it would be an overkill for what I'd use it for. Thanks.
    10-12-2015 10:27 PM
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    I wouldn't bother spending extra on the CPU. An i5 equipped Macbook Pro will be much more powerful than that AMD A10 in your current laptop. Most AMD chips that you will find in laptops are not very powerful.

    Based on your stated tasks, you shouldn't need more than 8 GB of RAM but if it is within your budget, I certainly recommend purchasing 16 GB of RAM. You're making the right decision by going for the 512 GB hard drive, you'll want that extra space for Bootcamp.

    Your stated uses do not require very powerful hardware, even the basic entry-level Macbook Air would be powerful enough. OS X is optimized really well for the hardware it is available on so some of the issues you are having with your current laptop will certainly go away if you switch to a Mac Your current computer can probably be optimized to run the programs you mention well. If money is tight and you want to stick with your current hardware. Here's a couple tune-up articles that I've found useful

    Optimizing your PC
    Clean Install Windows 10

    HP is very guilty of installing unnecessary garbage on their computers. I've owned several HP systems over the years and I've had good luck with them once I cleaned up the junk on them.

    Whether you go with a new Mac or try some maintenance on your current computer, good luck!
    10-12-2015 10:55 PM

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