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    I have a few serious questions. I have an iphone, as does my husband and I have an ipad. All three are under the same account.
    If I want to be able to see the imessages on my ipad from his phone, and I click on his number either on my ipad will he get a pop up screen so he knows that a setting was changed? It was already done once where the ipad was getting the messages, so it isn't anything new, like a setting so to speak.
    Also is it at all possible to be able to get the text messages also sent to the ipad?

    I know the questions sound shady but it is serious.

    Thank you
    10-06-2015 07:29 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    If iCloud and iMessage are configured with the exact same Apple ID then yes, each configured device will receive the same messages.
    10-06-2015 07:32 PM
  3. nikkisharif's Avatar
    They sound very shady & yes he'll get a pop up. Just ask him what you want to know

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    10-06-2015 07:34 PM
  4. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    In all reality there's really no real reason to share the same Apple ID. Set up a new Apple ID, enable family sharing for your apps/media, and don't worry about snooping on each other's texts.

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    10-06-2015 07:57 PM

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