Save $99 on Apple's iPad Air: Now just $500 at Amazon

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    I am considering purchasing an iPad Air 2 but would prefer to wait for the Air 3 if it were to be available within 3 months.
    09-17-2015 05:09 AM
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    Former active member here. I left of my own accord. I'm not coming back.

    Hello, Darrick.

    Just wanted to take a moment and express my utter and extreme disappointment with the way things are going down on the iMore forum. Frankly, I am ashamed to have ever been a part of that organization. There is no sense of fairness here. I used to have a decent amount of respect for you, personally. I see now, however, that you are merely one of the Stepford Wives around here.

    The place is overrun with stupid posts by the likes of RavenSword and ClosingRacer, and whining and whinging about all things that don't matter a hill of beans. The forum has become a litany of threads about wallpapers and "what color phone/tablet/case are you getting/should I get".

    The attitude of the iMore mods (the few that are left) is to march lockstep at the whim of Rene, who only drives by on occasion to order a fresh round of infractions. The heavy lifting appears to be handled by the non-iMore Mobile Nations mods. They blew in last weekend, doled out infractions and bans, and then, for the most part, became invisible. However, there is still an effort to drum up infractions for some of the regulars who may be a bit more outspoken, but are also some of the more helpful and prolific posters on the forums. I can only surmise that the intent is to keep us just below the "banned" level, but knowing full well that any single action that is momentarily deemed an offense can instantly reinstate the ban. Is that really any way to run a forum? Posts get selectively "pruned" to spin the topic in the direction that makes the Mobile Nations team look like they are (a) in control, and (b) trying to run a nice little antiseptic forum for the beneficence of the public. The fact of the matter is that they are incredibly unfair in this "pruning" process, and the majority of the users on the forum see right through the facade.

    I am not here to lobby on anyone's behalf, but rather to speak from my heart and gut about the sneaky and slimy way of treating your long term members - those very people who have poured countless hours of their own personal time into making iMore a resource for n00bs and people with issues who are looking for solutions.

    I see, too, that the majority of the long time, dependable mods and ambassadors have quit - not only have they stopped serving as moderators and ambassadors, they have also, by and large, stopped posting on the forum. New mods are being selected, some with as few as 200 posts on the forum.

    I see the iMore Mod Team Lead, one John Yester, was absent during the Android Central take over of the moderating duties last week. Likewise, the Community Manager, James Falconer, is all but invisible. Yet Yester still manages to dish out infractions, though from his position, safely hiding in the shadows. And now, in order to stem the problems and reign in the unruly, we have resorted to killing off the signature lines for all posters.

    Sadly, those in charge at iMore have no clue. And the entire place is about to go down in flames.

    I no longer have any interest in being a part of this train wreck.
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    09-17-2015 06:22 AM

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