1. iMore Question's Avatar
    When is apple pay coming to Canada? Any ideas?
    09-16-2015 01:06 AM
  2. Rostyslav Gryvnak1's Avatar
    Apple Pay Coming To Canada In Fall 2015 - apprx in november
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    09-16-2015 03:00 AM
  3. vsnlweb's Avatar
    Is there any confirmation on that? I don't think it will...

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    09-16-2015 12:08 PM
  4. Gazoobee's Avatar
    I don't think it will either. It was originally supposed to be here in Spring, *last* year, this new thing of it coming in November 2015 was taken from a one time statement from the banks in April of 2015. Since then (5 or more months ago), they have said nothing and Apple has said nothing. Since as I write this, November is less than a month away and since the banks still have said nothing about it ...

    Apparently the sticking point is money, and the fact that Apple only set up and designed Apple Pay based on the US monetary system. In other words, the money they charge the banks for using it makes sense given the setup in the USA, but makes no sense anywhere else. So it's really Apple's fault for not thinking ahead and also, for making that classic American mistake of believing that the whole world is setup the same way the US is.
    10-04-2015 05:13 PM
  5. vsnlweb's Avatar
    Some articles that I have read lately have said that some processor vendors have been releasing info to their merchants about support coming soon. But of course everyone's mum on the release date. I guess we're just gonna have see how real this story is. The story was published by iphoneincanada.ca

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    10-04-2015 09:49 PM

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