1. zeus_bones's Avatar

    I have an annoying problem with apple music. I think its a great streaming service, but when i try to add songs that i like, to a playlist that ive created, its says that the song has been added and i get the "added" graphic, but the song is not added to the playlist. This happens about 9 out of 10 times. Its driving me crazy! I cant even count how many songs i thought i had added to a playlist, but never actually did...

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
    08-19-2015 02:35 AM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    You could try an iOS restore and see if that helps...
    08-19-2015 10:28 AM
  3. zeus_bones's Avatar
    Ok i'll give it a try. Thanks!
    08-19-2015 11:43 AM
  4. JOSH_WH1TE's Avatar
    I think you need to make the song available offline and then add it to a playlist

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    08-19-2015 11:51 AM
  5. zeus_bones's Avatar
    All the songs that are on the 80 song playlist are all stream songs (not offline), so it works sometimes, just not every time. Mostly it seems to not eork when the song is playing... Sometimes if i stop the song, and then search for it in the search bar i can succesfully add it from there. But its a bummer that i cant do it while playing the actual song
    08-19-2015 12:06 PM
  6. zeus_bones's Avatar
    A restore seems to have resolved the issue!
    08-20-2015 08:35 AM

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