1. znwy79's Avatar
    Hi, all.

    I consider myself an audiophile, and always looking for ways to improve the sound quality.

    Apple airplay is not what audiophiles consider as a optimal music source, however the convenience of streaming may well compensate the loss in sound quality.

    I came up with idea for improving the sound quality of the airplay by introducing the DDC (digital to digital converter) what is used often to improve sound quality of pc when used as a music source. It reduces the jitter and up-clock sampling rate up to 4 times. (44.1 -> 88.2 -> 176.4)

    I simply use Airport Express (optical output) and placed the ddc between the Airport and the DAC, and the result was more than expected. Significant increase in overall SQ, however the problem is that there is frequent disconnection(skip) in sound. (Sounds like it is out of sync)

    I had a discussion with the designer of the DDC I use, and he is not familiar with the technology behind the Airplay system to examine what would be causing such problem.

    Can somebody help me with this problem? The technical specifics that I am aware of so far is that the DDC optical input uses "asynchronous transmission." Would changing it to synchronous transmission resolve this issue?

    Thank you.
    08-02-2015 11:24 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    The specifics of the engineering of the AirPlay technology is available from Apple to Apple Partners in the "Made for i" program and subject to non disclosure outside the system.
    08-03-2015 01:27 PM

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