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    So I have a problem, I have a capital one card connected to my apple pay on my iPhone 6. From my understanding, each transaction is given a unique one time token to avoid fraudulent transactions. The problem I have is when I used Uber, I paid using Apple pay, and the transaction went like normal, it read my fingerprint, and everything went like it should. A couple days later I got a email from uber staying there was a error in the amount I should have been charged and the amount charged, so they charged me the difference to the same payment method as a separate transaction without me approving the transaction... How can that have happened?

    Just to clarify the transaction I will break it down...
    I was charged 19.52 for the ride, I approved and the transaction went thru like it should.
    2days later I get the email saying the 19.52 should have actually been 34.82 because of a gps error. So with a 2nd transaction they charged my Apple pay an additional 15.30 to make the difference.
    I don't care about the money, as it should have been 34 to begin with, I'm concerned about uber being able to charge my Apple pay without my authorization. How were they able to do that without getting that unique one time token? Also Is it a Apple pay problem or a capital one problem?
    07-22-2015 02:58 PM
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    From my understanding it is a Capital One thing. The same scenario could happen if you received a refund and didn't have to reauthorize it. Uber still has access to your card and could refund it or in your case charge you more because you've already made the initial authorization. I could be totally wrong here, but that is my understanding of how it works.
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    07-22-2015 03:12 PM
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    was thinking I could be that at first also, But refunds are handled different than charges. The problem I am having tho, is what's to stop a company from retroactively charging my Apple pay card? I was under the impression that Apple pay was suppose to mitigate the chances a hacker hacking a company and taking credit card info and then using that info. If uber could charge my card for a 2nd time with out my print what's to stops hackers from stealing that data and charging the card?
    07-22-2015 04:20 PM

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