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    I upgraded to the newest iOS just for Apple Music, signed up and thought it was going to be great. But now nothing will play in my music app even music I own. It is frozen and unable to play anything or to accept commands to change the track, turn on shuffle or anything else in the music app. It is seriously frustrating as I use the music app on my phone 10 hrs a day normally and now I can't use it at all, even the music I do own. Help!
    07-14-2015 10:19 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Shut down the Music app and remove it from the recently used app listing. Afterwards, reboot your iPhone and then try to play your music.
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    07-14-2015 10:26 AM
  3. iphoneV's Avatar
    did you ever figure out whats causing this? its happening to me and its really annoying.
    07-17-2015 01:24 PM

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