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    I payed and downloaded quite a lot of music from iTune store - iTunes now does not let me listen to or download tracks that I bought.
    So basically the tunes are there but I cannot click on them, nor on the little cloud icon usually used to download them.

    Please help because I want to get back to listen to David Brubeck.

    06-27-2015 02:56 AM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    Little confused here. Are they on your phone but not on iTunes? Can you play them on your phone but not iTunes? Are the songs grayed out on iTunes?

    Sent from my SEXY GORGEOUS AWESOME GOLD 128G iPhone 6
    06-27-2015 06:14 AM
  3. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    Is your computer authorized on your Apple ID account?
    06-27-2015 07:45 AM
  4. HankAZ's Avatar
    Do the items not show up as downloadable in iTunes under Store > Check for Available Downloads?
    06-27-2015 10:43 AM

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