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    I have a "cellasaurus" iPhone 4s. My contract is not up for renewal and a new phone for a few months and since it works fine I'm sticking with it till then. Here is my deal- I'm traveling from the U.S. to Canada soon, I called Verizon for their Canadian coverage while I am there- ok great got the info. The $30 is reasonable and smart to prevent insane roaming charges. But the woman I spoke to at customer service said that I'll need a SIM card added to the phone to travel to Canada. She directed me to an official Verizon wireless store where they'll add it for free. I get to the store and the guy tells me I don't need it. He said that SIM cards are only needed If I was traveling outside North America and thst the phone will work just fine in Canada. So who is right? I left the store without the SIM card but I'm second guessing all this and want to call Verizon another time for a firm answer. Thank you
    06-12-2015 10:45 PM
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    06-13-2015 07:57 AM
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    Canada has CDMA and well as GSM networks. You will be able to use your VZW phone as-is with the added Canadian plan no problem.

    Alternatively, you have ask VZW to unlock the SIM for international travel and then buy a local pre-paid Canadian SIM to use while there.

    You can go with the added Canadian plan from VZW, buy a local SIM or both.

    How long will you be there?
    Will you be using primarily data or voice?
    06-14-2015 06:43 PM
  4. Chrisy's Avatar
    Also will you mostly be calling back to the states or numbers within Canada?
    06-14-2015 06:44 PM

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