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    I've noticed that I keep having to re-download my songs in my music app from iCloud back onto my iphone6, I have never deleted them and no one else uses my phone. However, I've noticed slowly but surely my songs are disappearing and going back to iCloud only, I recently upgraded to iOS 8.3 in hopes that it would bring back all my songs without me manually uploading them (and using my data to do so) but instead, it made MORE of my songs go back to iCloud. What can I do to keep my songs on my device
    05-31-2015 04:30 PM
  2. zerog46's Avatar
    Are you using iTunes Match? Have you reset your phone. Try wiping the phone and restoring a backup.

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    05-31-2015 05:34 PM
  3. xcmfx11x's Avatar
    Its a new feature like when they added use cellular data when wifi connection is slow. They slowly take popular songs off your phone without you noticing untill you have no service to listen then you notice thus making you use data over and over. Its just a scam on data and getting you to use and spend more money. Only way to stop it is keep your phone on airplane mode all the time. Usually every new update they or your cellphone provider does to your phone you can go find songs right after that are guess what? Missing. Turning icloud off use to fix it but not anymore they worked around that. Lawsuit maybe?
    12-31-2015 02:57 PM
  4. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Are these songs you synced from iTunes to your phone? If you have songs that are yours, they most likely are in iTunes. Just sync them back to the phone.
    12-31-2015 03:05 PM
  5. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    12-31-2015 03:08 PM
  6. Utility Account's Avatar
    The last link - Apple music. I've already paid for these songs from iTunes. Why would I need to keep paying for the bull**** Apple music service for songs that I already paid for and downloaded, just so they will show up on my phone?

    my iphone 6s randomly selects songs that "disappear" from my iphone. When I click on the download button, I'm taken to the Apple music service. I have to resync to my itunes library from my desktop to get these songs to show up as downloaded on my phone, and then they're disappeared again after a few hours.

    This whole bug thing is a scam on purpose to get people to pay for Apple music. I'm quite ready to go back to android phones.
    12-31-2016 08:43 AM
  7. Tech198's Avatar
    Unfortunately, any music on your phone, is synced automatically, and there is no way not to.. Apart from transferring it to your phone via iTunes and not log into icloud from phone..

    I wish Apple understood the method that users want to keep their music on their phone but also use Apple music or iTunes match and not upload all their songs.

    Instead, its an automated process.

    Apple probably could do this, but then it would be too complicated... Apple likes to keep things simple.
    01-01-2017 02:03 AM
  8. mrnimziki's Avatar
    What size phone do you have? I believe Apple has a feature where if you're running out of space on your phone, it will push some (or perhaps all) of your songs to the cloud to open up storage space. I believe you can turn this feature off somewhere in settings, although I find it to be rather convenient. They do the same thing with photos, which is why I ended up purchasing the 50 gb iCloud plan.
    01-01-2017 07:29 AM

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