1. ArGiEs's Avatar
    This isn't a problem, just fielding a query to see if anyone has had the same experience.

    I started using Apple's bluetooth keyboard with my first iPod touch in 2010 (when Apple first enable the capability for that device, and continued using it with my first iPhone in 2012 to this day. I never paid a lot of attention to its battery life until last year sometime (maybe a year ago) when a pair of AAs I'd gotten in an emergency at a CVS () lasted about 1/1-2 weeks. I thought it was the batteries ( maybe they were a pair that had been hanging there at CVS for a very long time) & put in some fresh ones, but they lasted 1-1/2 weeks as well. Now, I use the keyboard about 6-8 hours a week, so I thought I just hadn't noticed the battery lifespan until that point & went on.

    About roughly a month & a half ago, the batteries lasted over a month. I'm timing this current pair to see exactly how long they'll last (under former timing they'll konk out either today or tomorrow). I've changed nothing in batteries or usage. Did an update from Apple quietly deal with a bluetooth issue?
    05-30-2015 05:04 PM
  2. Bigeric23's Avatar
    I've had my keyboard since 2009, and I change the batteries so infrequently I never think about it.
    05-30-2015 05:12 PM

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