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    I attended some instructor-led courses last year, the courses' materials such as books, presentation, exercises, notes, web links were delivered using iTunesU. I also have audio recording of the classes which I made using VRP 7.

    I made a mistake by upgrading my iPad 2 to iOS 8 as it made its performance really poor. Now my iPad 2 is at iOS 8.3 but still problematic.

    I want to sell my iPad 2 therefore I am looking for a way to copy/transfer/export/convert the courses' materials to my Windows PC and then read it using standard applications such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, etc without the need to buy another iPad.

    I have installed the latest version of iTunes on my PC and run them, unfortunately I could not manage to copy/transfer/export the iTunesU materials. Using iTunes, somehow a few books are shown and I was able to export it to my PC, but the files have their name extension of .ibooks and I can not open it. Furthermore, looking at their file size differences it seems those are not the full courses' materials.

    Additionally I could not find my audio recording files too

    Later on I installed SynciOS but no luck, when I click on its iTunesU menu it says there is no iTunesU installed on my device.

    Can anyone please help me how to do it?
    04-22-2015 10:47 PM
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    Just to make it clear, the courses' materials were not purchased through iTunesU. The lecturers gave the students some codes to be entered in the "Enroll in a Course" menu.

    I am not sure but this probably is the reason that the materials can not be seen using iTunes and SynciOS.
    04-22-2015 10:58 PM
  3. joeragan's Avatar
    Bumping up the thread. Really need help with this.
    04-26-2015 10:22 PM

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