1. Hendri Hendri's Avatar
    In previous iphoto, we have cloud section which consists of our photo stream pictures. If we have new pictures from our iphone, it will automatically uploaded to cloud and sync whenever we open iphoto on macbook

    Questions :
    1. with this new iphoto, and haven't activated the icloud photo sharing, is that mean the ability to sycn pictures from iphone to icloud and to macbook will not be available either ?

    2. in previous photo stream or cloud, the capacity are 1000 pictures, but it will automatically delete our pictures if the space has reach it's limit. With this new icloud photo sharing, is this feature available as well ?

    3. If I want this previous cloud and photo stream feature, I must activated my icloud photo sharing, correct ?

    4. Can I activated my icloud photo sharing without sharing my pictures to anyone ? since I just want the pictures to sync automatically for the pictures whenever I open photos

    5. With this feature, is there any possibility to create double pictures on my devices ?

    6. My photos on macbook is very slow, especially in the album section. My photos library is saved to my external hdd. Anyone experiences this ?

    Please help and thx in adv
    04-21-2015 11:41 AM
  2. Bigeric23's Avatar
    04-21-2015 12:07 PM

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