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    So I've never been very computer savy, but I can usually google my way through anything. That being said this is my first mac ever, never touched one before but it was given to us, free, and I've always been interested in trying out and iMac. Ok so I just acquired an iMac mb323ll/a 20" desktop computer. Currently running version 10.5.8 2.4 GHz INtel Core 2 Duo. Everytime I try to download something the download goes fine but upon trying to open the application I get a message saying "You cannot use this version of the application installer with this version of Mac OS X. My questions are 1. Is this computer even worth having?(i did my research it found it to be from early 2008. Can it be updated to be functional with todays tech?) 2. How do I fix my installer issue?(I'd like to install skype and a few other familiar applications to this computer.) Thanks in advance for any help.
    03-29-2015 04:56 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    First thing you do is update it to the latest Mac OSX... Click the Apple in the system menu... Go to AppStore or software update if the menu says that...
    03-29-2015 05:32 PM
  3. RETOOCS's Avatar
    I have updated 3 times since we got it. Its not showing anymore updates available.
    03-29-2015 05:57 PM

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