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    i have had 3 friend requests in my Game Center recently. I do not know who these people are. How do they find out who I am to request being a friend? It is safe to accept?
    03-13-2015 09:00 PM
  2. Highrisedrifter's Avatar
    I would venture that if you don't know them, they probably aren't friends and it's entirely up to you whether you accept. If they are spammers, they will probably send you links to open and masquerade as someone friendly so that you click on them. Personally, I don't accept any friend requests from anyone I don't know. That goes for any social site or application.
    03-13-2015 09:11 PM
  3. T1ck_T0ck's Avatar
    I think Friends of Friends or something like that can see your account to add you. I've seen people send me requests because they know someone I do even though I may not know the requester well or even at all.

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    03-14-2015 02:34 PM
  4. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    They can see you on the leaderboards, if you're listed there for some achievement.

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    03-14-2015 05:34 PM

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