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    Hi. I have set up iCloud drive on my Mac and iPad. All apps and systems are up to date. Please help as I am very frustrated!!! I can see docs created on iPad on my Mac, but docs I have dragged into Mac iCloud Drive do not show up on my iPad.
    03-02-2015 06:32 AM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    Settings>> iCloud>> Storage>> Manage Storage.... that's where you see it. On iPhones/iPads - you won't see an iCloud Drive... You go to the individual apps that use iCloud storage and open any cloud stored document via the app. For example... I you have a Numbers document that you've saved on Mac and iCloud Drive - you open Numbers on the iPad, and you should see the doc there as one you can open on the iPad.
    03-02-2015 10:59 AM

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