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    my daughter has an ipad mini I just purchased 20gb from icloud & what to free up some space/gigs so she can download more games but I dont know how to put the apps into icloud storage & her storage on ipad is full. I hope I have'nt wasted money buying icloud storage.
    02-17-2015 06:31 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    Buying iCloud storage does nothing for the amount of storage physically on your iPad.
    02-17-2015 06:39 PM
  3. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    If the apps were purchased through the App Store, then they are already "in the cloud". They can be deleted from the iPad to free up space and "more games" can be downloaded.

    As noted, however, iCloud space doesn't give you more space on the iPad for apps.

    Note also that you can change the iCloud storage you "purchased" by going back into the account. This might be an option you want to explore if "purchasing additional iCloud space' is not what you were trying to accomplish.
    02-17-2015 06:46 PM

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