1. DannyMichel's Avatar
    I spilled just a little water on my Macbook Pro keys, and all is fine. I put it upside down for 3 days. I was worried that I damaged my computer. How likely is it that some of what spilled, spilled into the components? Are the components directly below the keyboard?
    02-13-2015 06:41 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Define "a little water". Anyway, water damage can sometime materialize much later so don't be surprised if it's working great for a while and then all of a sudden starts exhibiting strange behavior. On the other hand, you may have acted quickly enough to prevent any damages whatsoever. As for how to tell if you have water damage, I'm sure newer MBPs have liquid contact indicators under the casing, but where they are, I do not know.
    02-13-2015 07:25 AM
  3. kataran's Avatar
    If you quickly shut it down after the spill and let it dry thoroughly you should be OK

    It's not as much the water but the cross contact that the water provides due to being a conductor that causes the most damage
    02-13-2015 08:14 AM

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