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    I have a iPhone 5S that I purchased in the USA about 15 months ago. Today I sat down to update it to IOS. 8.13.

    The following issues have come up.

    1. White screen of death and it is. Stuck at almost 90%. Y?
    2. I have left it since 6 hours have passed. Since I started the update using software update from settings.
    3. Can I recover it back to my old iPhone itself?

    Please advice how can I get working.

    Yesterday I had updated my iPad it works smoothly and it completed in 2 hours. Why is the iPhone 5S taking so long?

    Thanks Gyaneshwar

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    If you reboot your device, the process should pick up where it left off. Make sure you have a decent internet connection. If you're updating OTA (Over The Air), try updating via iTunes on your computer.
    02-05-2015 06:38 AM

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