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    I have ring tone selected at full volume and it only vibrates. I turned the phone off several times and it did not helpText also only vibrates.
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    01-31-2015 11:54 AM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    check the little switch on the side... see orange or reddish color? If so, silent mode is on... turn it off.

    Then look for a little half moon in the upper right of the display... if it's there... it means Do Not Disturb is active... turn it of in settings or control panel.
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    01-31-2015 12:38 PM
  3. HeinenJeanette's Avatar
    No ringtone on phone or text on my 4s....bell employee says its a faulty ringer at the side as all settings are perfect. Can it be repaired???
    02-14-2015 10:53 AM

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