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    I am using an ipod 4g with an old version of ios. My touchscreen stopped working on reboot after recent cydia update. Apparently this may be due to a bug as I found posts by a few people late last year saying the same thing.
    The first thing I did was hook my ipod up to my pc and use file browser to disable tweaks I thought might be causing the problem. Disabled quite a few but touchscreen still never worked on reboot and I could not get past the lockscreen.
    Because I'm using an old version I guess I could not use the up volume trick to disable mobile substrate. So it looks like I made a big mistake. In file browser I renamed the folder mobile substrate to something else, thinking then my ipod would bypass mobile substrate and work normally.
    Instead as soon as I booted I got stuck on the apple logo. Now my ipod is,no longer recognized by any software on my pc as connected, and I cannot access the file system anymore.
    If I play around with it now and then the screen will go grey and it will reboot and hang again on the apple logo. Won't so anything else.

    What can I do now? Why is the ipod refusing to boot after I renamed the mobile substrate folder? I thought mobile substrate was separate from both cydia and ios and not necessary to either?
    Is there anyway I can get back into the file system to rename the folder, so that at lest I can get past the apple logo again?
    01-18-2015 08:09 AM
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    At this point? Nothing that you can do. Put it into recovery mode and upgrade the iOS to the most current version, or to the latest iOS version you device is allowed to support. You can jailbreak it again if possible. Good luck

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    01-18-2015 08:36 AM

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