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    I'm considering an AirPort Extreme in an effort to improve the wifi performance around the house. My MacBook pro is a late 2011 and I notice from the reviews that only those built 2013 onwards really benefit. Am I wasting my time? Appreciate your thoughts.
    01-03-2015 03:47 AM
  2. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    Sort of true. Only 2013 macs and iPhone 6/6+ and he latest iPads support wifi ac, so only those will get the highest speeds.
    So what you should get depends on your current wifi router. If it supports wireless n, then I would do nothing. If it only supports wireless a/b/g, then you would definitely benefit by getting a new router. In that case assuming you plan on holding on to your MacBook for a while longer, I'd look for a previous generation AirPort Extreme which should cost less and supports the wireless n standard. If you plan on getting a new computer in the new year or so, is go ahead and get the newest AirPort Extreme so that when you get a new computer you will have the fastest wifi.
    01-03-2015 12:26 PM
  3. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    But, of course, your speeds are also limited to your internet connection speed whether that's from the cable company or fiber or whatever.
    01-03-2015 12:27 PM

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