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    well I accidently drop my phone in the toilet and I put it in a bag of rice to dry the inside and I waited for about a week and so as I looked throught my phone,my wifi had a problem... I checked to see the problem it was gray idk what to do please help I tried restarting my network settings and turn it off with airplane mode plz help
    12-23-2014 02:16 AM
  2. Tartarus's Avatar
    Put it in a freezer bag, close it hermetically, keep it in the freezer at +/- -2F for like 2 hours, than take it out of the freezer, wait for at least half an hour before you turn your device on and see if wifi works. If it doesn't, contact your local repairshop and ask for your device to be cleaned ultrasonically. And if that doesn't help, your device is lost and there is no other choice than to buy another one
    12-23-2014 02:59 AM

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