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    Having that Audio Memo has about ruined my life. I have accidentely recorded a conversation and then accidentely SENT the message without my permission or even doing it! Part of the problem (which has always been a problem) the "Send" button is waaaaay to easy to hit, but now, with the Audio Memo in the same place you can very, very, very easily send an audio message without even knowing it. Let's say I have been texting a person, maybe someone I didn't like, and then I put the phone down, or on my lap - while still holding it - the phone now doens't shut off as easily as when the off button was on the top, I start talking about how I don't like the person I just texted, and my thumb brushes against the Audio Memo button - it records me, then it brushes against the Send button and whola, my life is ruined. I have sent so many audio messages I didn't want to send....I am about to throw away the iPhone because I LIVE on the texting app. I know I can turn off my phone after each text, but again, the off button is very hard to hit now and it usually just turns up my sound because I am squeezing both sides to turn it off. I just want to disable this new fangled feature forever.
    12-05-2014 01:35 AM
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    Turn off iMessage and just use the green SMS for text. No more audio cue
    12-05-2014 08:10 AM

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