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    Daughter needs apps for school work that r filling up device space.
    How do I use I- clouds to free up space?
    11-24-2014 12:26 AM
  2. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore! Here's a few things to do. iCloud is for backing up what is currently on the device. There's iCloud Photo Library, but it will take your back up space. So this:
    1. Delete messages. They take a lot of space, especially if there's photos and videos.
    2. Use cloud based apps like Dropbox, Box and OneDrive to store photos and videos. This gets them off the phone's storage. Box offers 10 free gb of storage space. OneDrive offers 30 gb and Dropbox 2 gb.
    3. Keep emails deleted.
    4. Delete cache in apps that offer the option. Apps like Facebook you have to delete, then reinstall to delete the cache.
    5. Keep songs in the music app to a minimum.
    Good luck!

    Sent from my ancient but trustworthy iPhone 5.
    11-24-2014 12:59 AM

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