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    It's widely known that iphones sold in Japan/Korea aren't able to mute the camera shutter by law. I want to try following methods to kill the sound, and I would like to know from all you Jailbreak pros if the options are viable.

    1. try restoring the iphone 6 with firmware from US. hoping it would change the hardcode of the sound to US mutable version.

    2. Jailbreak my iphone -> change/del the name of the sound clip -> restore to stock firmware. I'm guessing restoring will regenerate the sound clip file? if so then this won't work

    3. Jailbreak my iphone -> dig around to find the hardcode command to see which setting determines the JP/KR setting, then change the sound setting to OFF upon MUTE. then restore to stock firmware. Changing the actual variable so even if the restoration regenerate the data in #2 this will still work. I'm just not sure if this is at all possible?

    Staying Jailbreak status isn't my option since my financial apps won't be usable upon JB, and I need them.

    Thanks lots!
    11-16-2014 10:16 PM

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