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    I am an iPhone developer. I am using my Hackintosh System for developing the iPhone apps. Hackintosh is quite unreliable. I want to buy a MacBook Pro.
    But am not able to decide whether I should go for 13 inch model or the 15 inch Model?

    Things I use Most :
    1. XCODE - 100%
    2. Eclipse - 60 %
    3. Photoshop - 10-25%
    4. Browsers - Chrome & Firefox - 100 %
    5. iTunes, VLC and some other Basic Softwares

    I wrote % to show how much I use them like Xcode I use Most, Eclipse Moderately and Photoshop very few.

    I will also install Windows via Boot camp, Once I get a MacBook pro, as I like windows too.

    The reason I am in favor of 13 inch because of the Portability and in August-2015 am gonna join University for my MS in Cs. That way 13 inches will be great. But I have seen almost all the developers with the 15 inch model. That confuses me. Is the 13 inch model not powerful enough? Which ever MBP I buy I will still require an extra display at home.
    I live in India, We don't have apple's facility of replacing the MBP and all. Moreover Apple doesnot sell products directly. I have to buy it from third Party vendors.
    and 13 inches , 256 GB model is ~25% cheaper than MBP 15 inch Model here.

    Should I go for 13 inch with out any doubt? or 15 inch?
    I am not able to decide. Money matters to me I cannot spend again and again for a MBP. Which One should I buy? I have to decide between MBP 13 inch,8GB , 256 GB or 15 inch 16 GB, 256 GB.
    11-16-2014 12:10 AM
  2. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    The 13" is powerful enough for hose things. Most developers will go for a 15" for the extra screen real estate but if you are planing on using an external display, then the extra screen real estate would not be as much as a factor.
    11-16-2014 07:16 AM

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