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    I woke up to my phone accidentally being in someones vomit and it was dead. I charged it and it was working for a little bit but there was a visible liquid inside my phone. I left it for a while charging and now it will not display anything. It vibrates when i get messages but thats all. I've tried the reset and it isn't working.
    11-15-2014 10:58 AM
  2. HankAZ's Avatar
    Electronics and liquids do not play well together. At this point, you may not get it 'back'. The longer power is applied to wet components, the more likely something gets fried.

    It's not the liquid that does the damage, it's having power supplied to the device when liquid is present. Most liquids are conductive, so the power gets applied where it should not.

    Sorry to say, if you've had it powered up for any length of time, it's as good as it's gonna get.
    11-15-2014 11:14 AM

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