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    I have an iphone 4 that I manually manage using a 2009ish macbook. The phone charges when plugged in through the usb port, but does not show up on the computer.

    I've tried the following on a mac and a pc: reinstalled itunes, restarted computers multiple times, rebooted (hold down home and lock buttons) iphone twice as suggested on another forum, used a different usb port, used a difference usb cord, installed yosemite, new iphoto, new itunes. It didn't work with old or new osx or iphoto or itunes.

    If this has anything to do with it, I recently (don't think I've tried syncing since) moved all my pics from iphoto to an external hd to free up space on macbook.

    11-11-2014 10:25 PM
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    The only thing left to try is to connect it to a different computer to see if iTunes will detect it. If not, then I *assume* you have a defective dock connector on your iPhone. If you live near an Apple Store, have them diagnose the problem for you.

    How to fix the dock connector on an AT&T/GSM iPhone 4 | iMore
    11-12-2014 09:13 AM

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